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CG Hotels & Resorts is a management company set up to operate and manage full suite of hotel and resort brands including: standard to deluxe hotels, apartment hotels, boutique hotels and time-share properties. The company also develops strategies to help hoteliers and entrepreneurs increase the value of their investments.

Concept Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of CG Hotels and Resorts established in 1996, is the leading hotel management company pioneered by India’s well-known hotel management professional, Param Kannampilly. Mr. Kannampilly has made a name for himself as the country’s leading expert in the development of environmentally sustainable and sensitive hotels. The company has shown remarkable growth with six brands currently in its portfolio. Further, it is projected to reach its goal of managing and operating 100 hotels by 2020. With each project, Concept Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. aids in establishing brand Pvt. Ltd. aids in establishing brand philosophy as well as delivering end-to-end solutions starting from design conceptualisation all the way to viable operational management of each hotel.

Its flagship brand, The Fern, are environmentally-conscious hotels certified by an external third party, Ecotel, the hallmark of environmentally-sensitive hospitality.

From the

Chairman’s Desk

It is with pride and pleasure that I introduce you to CG Corp Global, a multinational conglomerate of 160 companies and 123 brands across the globe.

My grandfather, Mr Bhuramal Chaudhary, laid the foundation of CG Corp Global all the way back in the late nineteenth century as a textile business. Cherishing and building on our strong heritage and values, in 2021, we are proud to be involved in fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), electronics, education, cement, energy, hospitality, real-estate development, financial services, telecom, Ayurveda, biotech and construction.

At CG Corp Global, we are committed to the highest standards in whatever we do and our quality and ethical benchmarks are among the world’s best. As a company, we are responsive to the needs of our customers and believe in building long-term partnerships with them. Further, we are committed to social and environmental responsibilities and are continuously working towards improvement of the Nepalese society. Our core values are reflected at both the business production level and at the customer level.

I appreciate my colleagues for their dedication and commitment, and thank our business partners, customers and shareholders for their support over the years in making CG Corp Global an organization with a powerful vision. I would like to say that our journey has just begun, and we will, in the days to come, scale to unprecedented heights collectively. We take pride in taking Nepal to the world through our business practices.

Binod K. Chaudhary

Chairman, CG Corp | Global

From the

Managing Director’s Desk

CG Hospitality’s illustrious journey began in 2001, and over the years, has marked deep presence in more than 12 countries and 91 destinations. Within this period of two decades dotted with milestones, CG hospitality has distinctively established itself as one of the most diversified hospitality groups with iconic hotels stretching from East to West. Our growth story owes to our collaborative approach across the globe initiated with the core understanding of customer values and market demand. These are combined with an ensemble of experts exclusively focused on the vision to co-create the most preferred and trusted brand of the hospitality sector. Focused on our ‘Vision 2025’ to reach 200 hotels globally, we are driving on hospitality growth from strength to strength. I am delighted to appreciate our teams which are driven and working relentlessly for the success of our organization. I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to our valued partners and stakeholders as we continue to achieve new heights together. We will continue to expand and touch the lives of people across the globe.

Rahul Chaudhary

Managing Director, CG Corp | Global, CG Hospitality Holdings

An Overview

­­­­­­­What started in 1935 has today become a corporation across various sectors with over 15,000 employees. From stainless steel, departmental arcade, trade, food, electronics, poly-fiber, finance and power to insurance, realty, education, cement, telecom, and hospitality, CG Corp Global has established linkages across verticals. CG Corp Global is a multinational conglomerate that is witness to remarkable growth, due to quality services and goods and long-standing relationships with partners, stakeholders, and customers around the world. CG Corp Global is undergoing a rapid global expansion under the esteemed leadership of and with the vision shared by the Chairman Dr Binod K. Chaudhary (featured in the Forbes list of billionaires) and the next generation of the Chaudhary family. Headquartered in Kathmandu, it is the first and only multi-national Nepalese company to be recognised by Forbes Asia Magazine.

Tracing the

golden journey

CG Corp Global’s strong foundation was laid all the way back in 1870 by Bhuramull Chaudhary, a successful textile trader and entrepreneur in Nepal. From a humble family textile business that supplied to Nepal’s royal rulers 150 years ago to a multinational conglomerate operating in five continents, CG Corp Global has grown to become an international force with a diverse portfolio across 16 sectors and industries. Over the last century and half, CG Corp Global has grown immensely due to visionary leadership and progressive yet sound investments. Today, CG Corp Global continues to be at the forefront of both domestic and international frontiers, expanding its holdings every year. The success of CG Corp Global success draws from its rich experience and the formation of sturdy partnerships with the world’s best hospitality groups.



Social Responsibility

Contribute personal time and energy for the less privileged. Urge and encourage others to do likewise. Be sensitive to members from diverse cultural and social backgrounds.
– MOTHER TERESA (1910-1997)

Deliver The Promise

Strive for stretch goals. While meeting timelines be dependable and punctual and if there is delay, keep concerned members informed. Take responsibility.
– ABRAHAM LINCOLN (1809-1865)


Be a part of the solution and innovate. Look at problems as opportunities. Take calculated chances after assessing risks.
– HENRY FORD (1863-1947)


Listen to everyone: ask what you don’t know.Let your work speak for you.
– MAHATMA GANDHI (1869-1948)


Be punctual, courteous and polite to everyone. Always have a good word for your team members and other stakeholders and reward them suitably.
– MARTIN LUTHER KING Jr. (1929-1968)


Learn from people, situations and experiences to improve yourself and the business. Seek feedback from your team members, superiors and other stakeholders.
– ALBERT EINSTEIN (1879-1955)

Teamwork & Responsibility

Promote effective team participants. Try for the best solution that benefits all. Discourage protection of department/ function at the cost of business.
– TENZING NORWAY (1914-1986)
– EDMUND HILLARY (1919-2008)

The world of

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An Overview

CG Hospitality, the hospitality wing of CG Corp Global, leads the global hospitality sector and has in its portfolio some of the most iconic assets across the world with leading hospitality brands such as Taj, Taj Safari, Vivanta, Jetwing, Radisson, Ekho, Fairmont and its own highly-reputed brands namely, The Zinc, The Fern, Summit, and The Farm at San Benito. CG Hospitality portfolio comprises over 141 hotels and resorts in 12 countries and 91 destinations with over 8,246 keys. By 2025, the portfolio is expected to grow to over 200 hotels and 10,000 keys.

At the CG Hospitality destinations, we go beyond the standard to curate and deliver a quintessential experiential vacation that speaks of conscious lifestyles and transformative personal journeys. Aligned with the values of the new-age travelers, CG Hospitality brings forth industry’s best practices to its own trendsetting vision and a strong organizational history of investing in the hospitality sector over 20 years.

CG Hospitality’s diverse gamut of themed lifestyle brands ensures that each moment you spend with us transforms and revitalizes you – whether it is holistic health and wellness, local immersion, cultural and indigenous heritage, or marine exploration, adventure safaris and nature treks. Built to satiate ‘conscious wanderlust’, the lifestyle offerings by CG Hospitality are executed by a range of exquisite urban properties including luxury hotels, business class hotels, safari lodges, health resorts and spas, island resorts, holiday destinations and world-class residencies.

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CG Hospitality specialises in hotels, lodges and safaris. Through its sincere efforts, CG Hospitality aims to provide an unforgettable experience like no other.
Fairmont, Mara Safari Club, Kenya


global presence

CG Hospitality has presence in three continents: Asia, Africa and North America. Currently, operations are spread over ten countries with expansion underway in Thailand and Bhutan, bringing the total to twelve countries.


Existing Hotels



Sri Lanka





Sustainable and
Eco-Responsible Tourism

Ecological and social responsibility have been a core part of how CG Hospitality’s soul and operations across properties. Our brands and destinations strive to drive excellence in service while being true to their essence as green destinations. CG Hospitality is also committed to reducing the carbon footprint of travel, tourism and hospitality and has made remarkable strides in this direction over years. Via lifestyle properties like The Farm and those from The Fern group, our portfolio of environmentally-sensitive hotels ranges across the categories of Health and Wellness, Adventure and Wildlife, Dive and Discover, Business and Leisure and Culture and Heritage. The Farm at San Benito minimizes carbon footprint by: Serving farm-to-table and plant-based, wholefood, vegan cuisine; Patronizing local, organic produce; Promoting garden-to-skin and organic, natural products; And reducing plastic use. The Farm also developed an organic vegetable and herb plantation where everything grown on the land has been designed to fit The Farm’s culinary needs. By growing majority of the produce on-site, The Farm is not only increasing food security but also reducing its carbon footprint by limiting the transport of food. Our Taj Exotica Resort and Spa Maldives has been assessed as meeting the Platinum Certification requirements of EarthCheck for a greener and better environment. Taj Samudra has been certified as ” SAFE Hotel” by SLTDA. At the South Asian Travel Awards, our Meghauli Serai – A Taj Safari is the Gold Winner – South Asia’s Leading Wildlife Lodge 2020 by That’s not all. The Fern Residency Hotel Chitwan is the Silver Winner – Best Eco-Friendly City Hotel 2020.

Safety protocols
across destinations

As a socially responsible global business which puts people first, CG Hospitality takes the safety and health of all customers and staff seriously. Having taken stringent and certified safety measures across all its properties, the leading hospitality group promises peace of mind along with excellence in service. At CG, we have chosen to implement COVID-19 sanitation procedures of the highest quality, extending our commitment to high quality across verticals. We also remain true to our motto of delivering transformative life experiences that go beyond hospitality — all in a clean and safe environment reiterating our respect for human life and experience.   The Farm at San Benito, being an eco-sustainable and eco-responsible green destination medical wellness resort in the Philippines, has received the Healing Certificate by Healing Hotels of the World, Germany and Philippine Tourism Safety Seal. Both recognitions were given to honor the property’s comprehensive healing excellence criteria which is not only limited to COVID-19 safety and sanitation measures. The Farm was recognized for its commitment to healing on both a safety and holistic level.
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